May 30, 2020

The new edition of the Grand Larousse gourmet comes out October 9

(Relaxnews) - The Grand Larousse gastronomic (75 euros) will make a big comeback in the bookstores on October 9th. The book, a real encyclopedia of gastronomy, has 4,000 articles and 2,500 illustrated recipes of 1,700 photos. A guarantee of quality, its realization was orchestrated by a committee gastronomic chaired by Joël Robuchon. The last edition of Grand Larousse gastronomic had been published in 1996.

This new edition of Grand Larousse gastronomic takes into account the internationalization of the cuisine, with references to great chefs from around the world, as well as new techniques (molecular designs, jellies, emulsions ...) and new products such as wasabi or bresaola. The approximately 4,000 articles thus answer all the questions about the products encountered in cooking but also deal with the cooking methods, the vocabulary of taste or the classification of the great wines of France.

As for the recipes, they go from the most classic to the most original, passing by regional or foreign specialties. Readers will learn how to simmer Mont-Bry chicken curry, aioli, cannelés or guacamole. World-renowned chefs sign 500 of the presented recipes. On the menu are Anne-Sophie Pic's Courgette with Mint Soup and Alain Passard's Chocolate Soufflé Avocado.

To better know these personalities of international gastronomy, The Grand Larousse gastronomic also offers a biography of the greatest chefs from yesterday to today, namely Alexandre Dugleré, Paul Bocuse or Ferran Adrià. Bakers, pastry chefs and chocolatiers are not forgotten: Etienne Tholoniat, Gaston Lenôtre, Robert Linxe and Lionel Poilane also have their own biography.

To realize the 2007 edition of the Grand Larousse gastronomic, a committee gastronomic was formed. Chaired by Joël Robuchon and composed of 17 great conductors such as Anne-Sophie Pic, Pierre Hermé or Pierre Troisgros, this body had the task of arbitrating the choices and orientations of the update. Similarly, 100 specialists, chefs, journalists, professors in hotel schools, artisans or researchers from INRA collaborated.

Finally, products and recipes are illustrated by 1,700 photos, nearly 500 of which were taken live in the kitchens of major Parisian restaurants, including the Ritz and the Crillon hotel.

The Grand Larousse gourmet
With the assistance of the Committee gastronomic chaired by Joël Robucjon
992 pages
75 euros
Released October 9


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