June 23, 2024

The new slimming massage oil from Nutrimetics

This season, the mark of care 100% neturelle Nutrimetics France makes you rediscover aromatherapy. The resulting product is the oil of massage draining enriched with slimming plants.

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic essences of plants and fruits. These essential oils have the power to transmit to our nerve centers messages of relaxation or tone depending on the plant used. The essential oil is obtained through steam distillation for plants, and by cold extraction for citrus fruits.

Oil of massage slimming contains essential oils of juniper, lemon and cypress, for fresh and stimulating scents. In addition, theslimming oil is made from natural vegetable oils of sunflower, apricot, sesame and macadamia. A bouquet of delicate and sensual perfumes.

The massage becomes a true moment of well-being that tones and stimulates the exchanges between the cells of the skin, in order to reduce the orange peel effect. Theslimming oil Nutrimetics also helps the body fight against water retention! The silhouette is refined, firm and soft.

The non-greasy formula of this slimming oil penetrates instantly and leaves no trace on the skin. Just apply it all over your body and massage (or get massaged) in circular motions until the complete absorption of the treatment.

Slimming oil Nutrimetics, 23? the 150 ml

Website: www.nutrimetics.fr

Nutri Clean demo (June 2024)