October 25, 2021

The PMI, what is it?

To return from maternity after only a few days and to be alone in front of a baby sometimes in tears is worrying. All mothers (and fathers!) Would need a "manual"!

A set of professionals awaits you at the PMI, to answer your questions and needs related to the recent arrival of baby. Nurse, pediatric nurses, auxiliaries baby and psychologists review the points of the baby's life with you: sleep, breastfeeding, bath, health, care ...

Doctor perform free vaccinations for your baby from 0 to 1 year old and also for bigger children.

During your pregnancythe maternal protection service organizes follow-up in registered maternity wards.

The PMI is also the body that controls approved childminders. The PMI ensures that they receive babies well in the required safety and hygiene standards. She knows those in your city and can provide you with a list.

The global role of the IMP is to take medical, psychological, social and psychological screening and prevention measureseducation. You can consult it for your baby from 0 to 1 year but also for your child later. You will meet specialists in hearing, sight, in case of doubt about possible disorders. If your child under 6 is disabled, or you need help, you can knock on this door: it's the right one.
The PMI also organizes the obligatory follow-up, foreseen in the notebook of your child until 6 years; thus, 20 examinations entirely covered by social security can be made.
Women without social security coverage, adolescents and adults who wish to remain anonymous, all are welcome if they wish to receive a free and anonymous benefit. Family planning specifically addresses questions about sexuality and contraception.
Our advice
To obtain the coordinates of the PMI of your city, you can address to your city hall or the General Council.

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