September 20, 2020

The Poivre d'Arvor brothers in the footsteps of Robert Desnos

The return to literature will not happen without them. After publishing together Disappear last September, Patrick and Olivier Pepper of Arvor renew once again the experience of the novel with four hands and deliver a new opus, I dreamed so much of you (in bookstore August 23).
This novel tells the story of Youki, 26, a woman in search of her origins. In January 1995, Youki went to Prague to meet Pavel Kampa, Nobel Prize winner and great Czech poet. The young woman writes a thesis on Robert Desnos and the testimony of Kampa is necessary because he met Desnos when he left the Terezin concentration camp in 1945.
But this meeting also hides a secret. Youki hopes to find his father in Prague. Before she died, her mother told her that she had had a love affair with Kampa during the student uprising in 1968. Full of hope, the fragile Youki discovers the true face of Kampa, that of an impostor.
Patrick and Olivier Pepper D'Arvor, I dreamed so much of you
Released: August 23
Albin Michel

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