September 25, 2021

The product of the week: chocolate

Chickens, eggs, rabbits, bells ... For the weekend of Easter, the chocolate appears on the shelves. The chocolatewhether it is black, milk or white, is appreciated by both parents and children. Adults consume about 4g a day, when children eat 10g. Consumption deemed "reasonable" by Cécile Rauzy, General Secretary of the Union of Chocolate.

Fine gourmets, "the French appreciate the chocolates scented and refined "notes Cécile Rauzy, they associate the consumption of chocolate at festive moments and conviviality. For nearly one in two French people (49%), chocolates are also comforting, and tasted in times of low morale. Scientific studies show that the chocolate contains "euphoric" elements, which would have an "anti-depressing" action.

From a gustatory point of view, the General Secretary of the Syndicat du Chocolate emphasizes "a renewed love for the chocolate milk, a time neglected in favor of strong black cocoa. "According to an Ipsos study, 57% of French people prefer the chocolate black and 56% the chocolate with milk.

Also sign of a craze around the chocolate, the openings of "bars to chocolateare multiplying in France, and these establishments serve sweets chocolates and chocolates liquids, allow consumers to "discover tastes, sensations and different gourmet pleasures".

AT Easterchocolate makers are experiencing more intense activity. This period represents "the second strong moment of the year after Christmas" says Cécile Rauzy. In 2006, Easter accounted for approximately 10% of total annual sales, and for 2007, the Union of Chocolate estimates that 15,800 tonnes of chocolate have been sold.


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