May 28, 2024

The protein diet

The principle
The purpose of diet Protein is to favor foods rich in protein: mainly meat, fish, eggs. In this diet, all fats and sugars are to be banned, because deprived of sugars, your body will draw directly in your reserves of fats to burn them.
Who is it for ?
This diet is for those who have a serious problem of overweight or obesity. However, before starting it, seek medical advice: it can only be followed by people with no significant health problems. It should not be extended beyond one month and do not forget to drink plenty of water.
Type menu 
At breakfast, you have the choice to consume a cottage cheese or yogurt 0% fat, associated with fruit and tea or coffee. At noon, you can ideally combine meat or fish, with green vegetables for example and, in the evening, a high-protein meal replacement, sold in a pharmacy pouch.
This diet ensures fast and spectacular weight loss. You can maintain your activities, while feeling, after a while, a slight fatigue.
This diet can lead to deficiencies when its duration is not respected. Moreover, once the cure is over, the recovery of your lost pounds can be very fast (the famous "yo-yo" effect), hence the need for a period of stabilization and control of your body. food.
Learn more
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