June 13, 2024

The reactions to avoid after a break

The cliché of the abandoned and unhappy woman who never leaves her house, who uses kilometers of handkerchiefs, who gorges herself on ice cream, chocolate or pizza and drowns her sorrows in alcohol, it is not you ! He's been away for a few weeks, it's time to leave your couch and see people (the characters of TV series, it does not count!). It is not by crying all the tears of your body and taking ten pounds that you will regain the morale. Go get some fresh air, let yourself be pampered by your parents or your best friends, do not cloister yourself!

You dream day and night to see him suffer, you imagine sadistic scenarios a bit so that he feels what you feel at this very moment, your only goal: to avenge you. You want him to have left you or not to fight for you to stay. The breaking does not seem to have shaken it, your ex keeps smiling, says not to regret you, goes out with his friends, has fun, enjoys life or worse: he has already found your replacement. Certainly, you did not expect him to react like that, but accumulating all this rage and grudge will not free you. On the contrary, you make the situation worse. Find new occupations, change your mind! If he can do it, why not you?

You have exchanged your suit of perfect little love, faithful and devoted, for that of femme fatale, libertine (not to say easy), a bit too sassy? Bad idea. "Healing" your sorrow by collecting men and giving in to the advances of the first comer will do you no good. Turning the page too fast and doing things that do not look like you will not help you forget your ex. Take your time, wait to be ready before you take the plunge and do not do it with anyone.

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