July 5, 2020

The real good reasons to eat organic

Eat organic fruits and vegetables


As a recent study recalls France is the first European consumer of pesticides ...
At the time of the "Week for Alternatives to Pesticides", from March 20th on, go to organic as well !
By buying fruits and vegetables organicyou will avoid all pesticides. You will also discover that fruits and vegetables organic have more taste and that will make you eat a lot more which can only do you good. You will make the vitamin stock and improve your transit.


And the other foods?


Regarding other foods, the coach Julie Ferrez gave us her opinion: "I think it's important to eat fruits and vegetables organic to avoid pesticides. It is the same for eggs. It is better to consume eggs from chickens raised in the open air rather than the eggs of chickens in battery. They are of better quality. Regarding other foods, I'm not for the organic absolute. The problem is that it is still relatively expensive and the difference in quality is less between the products organic and no organic. »





Health benefits of eating organic? (July 2020)