February 29, 2024

The real good tips for pretty feet

1. 1 to 2 visits per year at the pedicure
The pedicure does not work miracles. It can effectively remove callosities, horns and other dried skin, or prevent the appearance of corns. If you are not particularly worried, there is no reason to go to your pedicure more than once or twice a year. Except if you prefer a beauty salon for a moment of pure relaxation...

2. Ventilate one's feet
Especially after the winter, during which time the feet have suffered a severe confinement! The watchword is therefore to take off your shoes (in the limit of propriety) and to go strong on the bare feet in summer to avoid the formation of unsightly calluses, created by friction, and which can to turn into horns.

3. The real good "gesture": invest in good shoes
Favor soft leather and ban the "cheap" pair of shoes. It's not easy for every budget, but foot comfort has more impact on wellbeing than luxury jeans. Difficult to combine comfort and pretty shoes, but at least choose shoes that you do not have "to do".

4. Moisturize, sand
Professionals will explain that with time, the foot is almost inevitably damaged and it is useless to dream to find his beautiful pink feet. However, the interview has the merit of limiting the damage. Moisturize twice a week with good moisturizerSanding regularly will give a better appearance to the sole of the foot. Be careful though to torture instruments or even simple graters on foot: some tools must remain in the hands of the pros!

6 Awesome Tips to Make Your Feet Look Fabulous (February 2024)