October 27, 2021

The rock style

You want to make yourself a rock style like Agathe, winner of the makeover? Forget the perfectos, bandanas and other cowboy boots, make a rock look feminine it's easy. You need :

A leather jacket
No need to take out the perfecto of your big sister, the little jackets today are very feminine: short, close to the body, in leather flexible is the advent of chic style!
Slim necessarily ... It is besides his success that signed the return of the rock style. Wearing it with a loose gray t-shirt is sure to get a 50% rock draw.
A scarf patterned skulls, a keffiyeh to look rebellious ... no doubt, the accessory sign the style. But to avoid overdoing it, it's better to play on the shift: a pretty jumper on a jacket in leather black, it's immediately more pointed.
For the handbag, we opt for the multi-pocket in leather aged. The big ornamental loops are also part of it.
The shoes
The cowboy boots with the slim? We forget ! The rock style is worn in 2008 with low boots. Also possible, the option motorcycle boots worn on jeans or with a little black dress to play the contrast.
Staying feminine
Have a rock style is more of an attitude than a look. No need to put the full panoply to look in the wind, better to favor a few strong plays and play associations: a little black dress with boots, it's rock! A little jacket with XXL chic trousers too!

MATAFIED: The Style of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with Robert Mata (Episode 1) (October 2021)