August 16, 2022

The romantic style

The "new romanticism" is on the rise. After the rigors of winter, it evokes tenderness, springtime loves, and country daydreams ...
The woman who chooses the romantic style Desire above all to please and show her femininity. It thus adopts in all circumstances a refined and delicate attitude. She plays the card of frailty and ingenuity, but is often seductive.

To approach this feminine ideal, privilege fluid and vaporous outfits.
Your favorite materials will be cotton, silk, and transparent fabrics like muslin. Inspired by spring, you will wear floral dresses or embroidered shirts that you can layer with pants in the impressionist colors.

A pastel makeup
all in transparency, reveal your oriental inspirations and give you the freshness of a "girl in bloom".

Our Council
Never adopt the romantic "total look". To avoid falling into caricature and tire the eye, add a touch of glamor that will highlight your freshness and your bohemian idealism.

Nigga "Te Quiero" (August 2022)