May 23, 2022

The romantico-bohemian chignon of Mischa Barton

Dressed in a sumptuous oriental dress embellished with pearls and fine embroidery, Mischa Barton parade on the English catwalk of London to present the coquette of theiphone 5 the most expensive in the world.

In addition to her bright Indian princess outfit, it is also the romantic-bohemian hairstyle of Mischa Barton which holds our attention. The 26-year-old actress lifted her long brown hair into a romantic, bohemian-inspired chignon. This cleverly wavy hairstyle where strands twist around the face of Mischa Barton allows him to clear his pretty face and put forward his complexion glowy, fresh and bright. Because it must be said that the actress shines again in this parade. Mischa Barton offers us here a beauty look full of pep and a smile that proves that the young woman is fulfilled and ready to eat life to the fullest.

Side make up, Mischa Barton chose simplicity to better shine. She opts indeed for a very fresh and glowy complexion. Then on the eyes, she puts a slightly iridescent plum eyeshadow that mixes with a glossy brown shade and a touch of gold inside the eyelid. This golden tip allows the young woman to brighten his smoky eyes and enlarged his eyes sparkling and happy.


With this beauty bohemian look, glamorous and sexy, Mischa Barton do not have any difficulty dazzling us.

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