May 28, 2024

The saga of brands: Arcancil

It's in a small room located rue des Petites Ecuries in Paris that adventure begins for the Havlick brothers: one is a chemist, the other colorist. They decide to create a line of make-up for the eyes with mascaras and eye-liners that will quickly become a great success.

The name Arcancil is derived from the word rainbow in reference to the wide choice of colors proposed by the Havlick brothers, and to the eyes with the word "eyelash": Arcancil is one of the leading eye makeup specialists.

The brand has built a strong reputation for quality around its products by multiplying dermatological and ophthalmological tests to minimize any risk of allergy.
They invent in the 50s the first compact mascara that all movie stars are snapping up ...

In the 70s, Arcancil innovates with sequined textures for festive evenings: a great first at the time.

In the early 80s, the group Arcancil takes off and its fame becomes international: it becomes number one in Asia while expanding its distribution worldwide with more than 60 countries ...

During the 2000s, Arcancil wants to target a more demanding and younger clientele and modernizes its entire range as its image.

In 2006, while the group is in great financial difficulty, the Caméane group refreshes its image by giving it more glamor, modernity while remaining true to its image and the latest trends.

Over the years, Arcancil has not aged, and the group is still very financially healthy. It has constantly renewed itself and has a second birth thanks to a new partnership with Galeries Lafayette: a prestigious ally for a brand that has always been simple.

Brand authenticity | Saga Shoffner | TEDxToledo (May 2024)