January 16, 2022

The saga of brands: Bourjois history

The story of Bourjois In its beginnings, it merges with that of Parisian theaters and cabarets. Blushes and perfumes are created for actresses by comedian Joseph-Albert Ponsin in his own apartment! Officially filed in 1962, the brand Bourjois is under the thumb of Alexandre-Napoléon Bourjois he himself, who, as early as 1868, is making known to the whole world little boxes full of beauty tricks.

In 1879, Bourjois installs a shop on Saint-Martin boulevard and sells a product whose success is major: the Powder of Java rice. There are also quality makeup whose manufacturing process mixes the water powder with pigments and components placed in curved molds. The small round boxes remain today an emblem of the brand and the care around the packaging celebrates the idea that the beauty of the woman is a principle of personal pleasure.

At the time of the roaring twenties, Bourjois accompanies the women's liberation movement and promotes makeup products and perfumes which allow them to assert their tastes and personality.

In 1928, line Paris evening is launched in the United States and begins a vast international development over the following decades. The perfume of the range becomes the perfume the most famous in the world.

In 1950, Bourjois sponsors a popular radio show hosted by Charles Trénet. The singer invents a slogan that will be repeated in all mouths "Bourjois with a J as joy "!

Until our days, Bourjois maintained its line of sight: the fantasy inspired by the artists of the first days. At the whim of fashion and women's moods, Bourjois knows how to adapt both its products and its communication. Women project themselves into a dreamlike, artistic world and adopt for their beauty small boxes with beautiful colors that give them sparkle, good looks and good mood!

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