August 15, 2022

The saga of brands: Mustela

In 1950, Paul Berthomé realizes that soap is unsuitable for the hygiene of infants whose sensitive skin dries out and gets irritated quickly. He then partners with a pharmacist and founds Laboratoires Expanscience ... Together, they will develop a product "2 in 1" with cleansing and softening virtues, perfect for the change of baby.

Mustela milk revolutionizes the world of early childhood, reducing irritation and redness related to the toilet while preventing skin disorders ...
This innovative product will be a great success by making life easier for moms and speeding up the toilet ...

Mustela has imposed herself over the years as the great specialist sensitive epidermis. With more than 40 products sold, Mustela also offers creams that prevent stretch marks and sagging skin post pregnancy. By adapting to all types of skin, Mustela enjoys a special place in the world of drugstore.

The brand has even completed its range with solar products by offering a protection specially adapted to sensitive epidermis.
Since the beginning, every component has been carefully tested in the laboratory and is subject to rigorous controls. The products are even offered to future mothers in the maternity.

Mustela has made his bet: a range of hypoallergenic products designed for all epidermis, whose success is still in evidence. The products also surf the wave of bio by offering references without paraben to reassure future mothers.
Products Mustela are now distributed all over the world: Maghreb, South America, South West Asia, Europe ...

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