May 20, 2024

The saga of brands: the story of Fauchon

Auguste Fauchon is originally a merchant and a wine and alcohol merchant. In 1886, he decided to start his own business in his name. He opened a grocery store at 26 place de la Madeleine in Paris. In 1895, Auguste Fauchon creates his bakery and pastry. Four years later, he inaugurated his Large tea room which becomes the favorite place of the greatest fortunes and crowned heads such as the Duchess of Windsor.
In 1900, he opened Large reserve cellars of Fauchon stores near the Invalides. Fauchon has been able to select the best wines from French terroirs and wines from around the world. Gradually, Auguste Fauchon becomes the best Parisian supplier.

A new era
In 1952, Joseph Pilosoff, a Bulgarian industrialist, took over the company Fauchon. To innovate, he has the idea to import exotic products. It is in this big Parisian house that customers discover the cherries of Chile, the first kiwis and avocados. From 1960, Fauchon is exported abroad. The brand is very successful with its range of teas flavored with fruit.

The Ducros era
In 2004, Michel Ducros becomes the president of Fauchon. He wants to give new blood to the brand. From now on, Fauchon's graphic identity is the marriage of pink and black. It launches a new image and new product lines.
In 2005, Fauchon continued to export itself by establishing itself in Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East and many other countries.

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