April 17, 2024

The saga of brands: Vichy

The history of the Vichy brand begins in 1931, à... gingham, with the meeting between Georges Guérin, who directs the Parfums Grenoville and Dr. Prosper Haller.
The first suffers from an open wound to the foot, which will heal quickly, thanks to the thermal water - called Lucas water.

Dr. Haller, spa doctor is very much ahead of its time, in terms of nutrition, well-being and above all, curious to understand the amazing properties of thermal baths on injured skin.
Their meeting, at the crossroads of two worlds, that of beauty and health, will give birth to the brand gingham. Considering the skin as a vital organ, they decide to apply the rigor of medical research to cosmetics.

In 1931, they founded the Vichy Dermatological Hygiene Society, and develop the Secrets of gingham, which offer for each type of skin, oily or dry, a specific cream ... They come to invent the indications by skin type. The 8 Secrets of gingham will have a long life until the 70's!
gingham will always base its products on scientific research to develop its active ingredients, except of course the thermal water. This water, capable of purifying and soothing the skin, is also at the origin of a series of high-performance treatments, which have gingham part of his notoriety ...

In the 1950s, L'Oréal bought this 20-year-old brand. Starting in 1955, gingham, renowned for the seriousness of its products, is distributed exclusively in pharmacy: it is the birth of dermocosmetics. L'Oréal's idea? Offer pharmacists to take charge of their beauty clients, being the best prescribers of the brand. They become true beauty professionals, trained in counseling and informed about advances in cosmetic research.

This collaboration allows Vichy to apply product development processes inspired by the medical and pharmacy. The ultra-medicalization of the 80s and 90s contributes to the growth of the brand. gingham multiplies patents, confirming his scientific creativity. After the Equalia range, new active ingredients appear: combination of retinol and vitamin C (Reti-C); Aminexil® against hair loss (Dercos); Mexoryl® SX and XL UV filters (Capital Soleil). Pedagogically, gingham chooses to talk about problems and, to the extent that science permits, to find a solution.

Liftactiv in 1997 is the first treatment to show a ride. In 2001, Novadiol treats the effects of menopause on the skin, then Normaderm, is the first line of skin care for women, previously attributed to adolescence and a lack ofhygiene.

Each of these products is immediately successful. In 1987, Basic Men, teaches men that their skin needs the same care as women's.
gingham is now a universal brand, addressing everyone and, increasingly, all over the world.