November 28, 2022

The satchels on wheels, the solution?

The school bags on wheels often look good among the other backpacks. Indeed, the idea of ​​rolling his wallet instead of wearing is rather attractive. But is she too beautiful to be true? Yes, because these bags are generally heavier than the others, because of the addition of the wheels. In empty, it is already more difficult to wear them.
Another point: schools are rarely on the ground floor. To change class, students must go up or down stairs. The wheels are then useless and the teenager is obliged to carry his schoolbag at arm's length. Not great for tendinitis and other shoulder pains that college students often experience.
However, if your child has to walk a long distance on a sidewalk for example, buying a schoolbag with wheels may be the solution. However, make sure your teen does not lean too far to pull his bag and does not rotate the shoulder too much. In addition, encourage him to change his arm regularly to get his binder.
Which schoolbag to choose?
Whatever the binder chosen, it must be of equal width to the back of the schoolboy. Choosing a bag with a strap helps to limit the movements of the schoolbag and therefore the imbalances. Finally, choose bags with several separations to stabilize notebooks and books. Note that they must be placed in the center to balance the student's binder.

HSN | Samantha Brown Travel 02.02.2019 - 05 PM (November 2022)