June 9, 2023

The Secret of the North Star: a nice Christmas tale to go with family

The little Princess Boucle d'Ange was fascinated by the star of the North, which she saw glittering through the window of her castle. But the Comte wanted more than anything to take his place from the king, even if he took from him what he had most dear: his daughter. Given the fascination of the girl for the star who watches over Christmasthis mean character did not hesitate to play to trap the princess. With the help of a witch, he made her believe that the North Star could become hers if she went to find her in the forest and that she gave her in exchange the golden heart that her mother the Queen had offered her. . The witch ends up casting a spell on the young child to disappear. Under the weight of sorrow, the King cursed the star that immediately stopped shining. The kingdom was plunged into darkness and only a pure soul could break the curse by bringing back the star. This is where Sonia, a young orphan, intervenes to help the King a few years later ...


The opinion of the editor:


All the ingredients come together to make Sonia's adventure a tale of Christmas successful family. Heroic bravery, purity and determination embody essential values ​​for children. With a little apparition of the Father Christmas as a guest-star, a wicked witch and a nice bear, The Secret of the North Star has everything to please children. They will in turn be afraid, marvel at themselves and end up excited about the destiny of this very brave little girl. But parents will not be bored either. On the side of the bad guys, the screenwriter has incorporated a good dose of humor and second degree. A movie to see as a family during the holiday season.


The film, open to an audience from 4 years old, will be in theaters on December 11, 2013.


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