October 27, 2021

The serial-lover: how to use it without hurting yourself

To brighten up a sentimental desert period:


Super open, your serial-lover responds in the second each time you call to offer him a date? If the time is short of sex on your side, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it, if things are heard at the base between you ... No commitment, no feelings, just a little piece of seventh heaven to share together!

To reassure yourself about his seduction:


It was a little while ago that you were not whispered in your ear that you are divine / charming / sublime? Muscle your ego by attending a Don Juan. Even if his praises, cut to the line, have a specific purpose (take you to bed), they are still pretty nice to hear.

Not to be displayed alone in society:


Because the serial-lover is more physically decorative, it can also do the trick when you need to be escorted during a party. But book it for playful occasions: in a professional dinner, his reputation of crazy flirty (and the fact that he slept with several girls of the assembly) could throw cold, both on the atmosphere and on your career.

To make another man jealous:


This boy of which you are stiff crazy does not deign to grant you a look? Awaken your hunter's instinct by parading with your Casanova. Nothing like feeling competing to make him decide.

To better appreciate your current lover:


Finally, it can also be used for girls in a relationship. You've been crushed for a while, you feel that your man is less attentive, you dream to go see if the grass is greener elsewhere? Satisfy your desires by offering you - punctually - a serial-lover. To see him, and his expeditious manners, you will realize that yes, your darling is indeed a prince charming!

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