April 1, 2020

The shoe mules, I keep or I zap?

With the pointed shoe (Louis VuittonSergio Rossi) and the plexi-heeled shoe (Emporio Armani, Sergio Rossi, the mule is one of the podiums of the summer of 2012, but if you take a closer look, the mule is not really the same. the easiest fashion accessory to wear!

In addition to clicking at each step, the mule is the enemy of all those who take the subway and need to be comfortable in their shoes to climb four to four stairs ... And if in the eyes of some, this "clap clap" can have a little sexy side, we all fear, mules at the feet, losing his shoe, stuck in a subway grid, for example, while we are in a hurry and already in delay to an appointment.
If we exclude this anti-practical side that makes him lose a lot of points on the scale of our special love rating shoeshowever, we salute the pin up side of the mule. Mule at the feet, the hips are forced to sway, which gives an extremely sensual attraction to the gait ...


We keep the mule if ... we want to seduce darling, if we drew the range Dita Von Teese or if darling already offered us shoes Pigalle Louboutin Christmas, history to change a little ...

Side podium, we note, besides that of Prada, the pointed mule at Louis Vuitton, or the crossing of the mule and the santiag at Miu Miu.