May 29, 2023

The short boyish cut: the pixie style

-What is the style?
The short cut pixie is a classic of the genre. The nape and the sides are ultra short while the locks of the top keep a certain length so as to work according to its tastes and its implantation of hair. At Fabio Salsa, the locks are ruffled on the side which gives a little side punk rock. On the other hand, at Jean-Louis David, we put on a styled / disheveled style both wild and sexy.

- How is it maintained?
Hair styling, freedom is in order! During the day, we can create a look a little crazy and wild by bristling the wicks on the top or side. In the evening, we will put them back, for a glamorous style very femme fatale. It could not be easier! Just arm yourself with a little gel ...

- Who is it for ?
To adopt this cut, it is important to have fine and regular features. To avoid also for those who have hair curly and very difficult to discipline. Know that it is a bold cut that allows all the follies sartorial: a boyish look (jeans, leather jacket ...) that does not exclude the stilettos and the cleavage!

- The feminine touch?
The Pixie is ultra feminine on a blonde platinum hair. For the make-up, a carmine lipstick will bring the right note glamor.

The Pixie Cut | Hairstyles for Short Hair (May 2023)