April 19, 2024

The short boyish cut: the retro style

- What's the style?
Who said that short did not rhyme with glamor? The retro style of the twenties proves that we can quite wear a boyish cut while being ultra feminine. A return to the sources (or rather waves!) That puts the notches forward. In Camille Albane, we put on a very vintage notched ball cutter. Also chic, at Franck Provost, the notches are drawn on the side. A beautiful evocation of the androgynous sex appeal of the icon Marlène Dietrich!

- How is it maintained?
To succeed beautifully, there are several methods. Heating curlers can be used for 5 minutes. For tight notches, favor small rolls while large rollers will be perfect to get more distant notches. If you are looking for a more natural effect, you can also create the ripple with a curling iron. The final touch: a light cloud of lacquer glossy effect and voila!

- Who is it for?
Nostalgic of the Roaring Twenties, those who love round-toed pumps and Charlestown dresses. Girls who have a simpler haircut can also adopt this style for an occasion such as a wedding or a party.

- The feminine touch?
The notches that evoke the pin-ups of the 20s, 30s and 40s are in themselves ultra feminine. In addition, it is a style that supports jewelry well: bracelets, necklaces, fine hanging ears ...

How to Style a Retro Look Pixie Cut | Short Hairstyles (April 2024)