June 23, 2024

The Sirens of Baghdad, Yasmina Khadra

The hero
The narrator comes from a small isolated village in the desert. Young and already pastist, he will let himself be led by the horrors of the war towards a radical Islamism.

The plot
The journey of this young man, crossing the desert, wandering from Beirut to Baghdad, meeting fundamentalists, philosophers, moderates, disappointed, serves as a support for the author's reflection on the deaf dialogue between the East and West.

The decor
This painting of the Middle East is not made to embellish or disguise. While Beirut embodies hypocrisy, with its young people pretending to ignore conflict, Baghdad is the scene of a fierce civil war that destroys every day a little more.

The style
Very human, this novel invite to understand all its protagonists, even if their opinions are very far from yours. For this, the narrator not only delivers his thoughts, but also spends time describing the story of those he encounters.

Three adjectives to describe this book
Historical, poignant, humanistic.

Why you will like
For the new look it offers on a region that we know mostly by the 20 hours.

The author
A retired Algerian officer, Yasmina Khadra (whose real name is Mohammed Moulessehoul) signs here the third part of her trilogy on the conflicts in the Middle East (the two previous ones being "L'Attentat" and "Hirondelles de Kaboul").

The Sirens of Baghdad, Yasmina Khadra, Juillard, 19?

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