April 20, 2024

The slimming minute of Valérie Orsoni: stop at cellulite!

To get rid of the cellulite, the solution is to tone without taking volume (this is called refining), and to do this, the exercises done in cardio are excellent: aerobics, step, etc.,

These will act on all your cellulitewhether it is located in one place or everywhere.
The massage can also be very effective. By stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation the massage allows the elimination of toxins.

You can use anti-cellulite creams for this purpose, but a moisturizing cream or milk may be just as suitable.

And if you have the opportunity then go walk to the sea with water at mid-thigh, this will help you to massage the ponytail area and thus help reduce the layer of cellulite, if cellulite there is really, and the resistance work will help you to refine the silhouette :).

Mon programme fitness pour débuter 2017 (April 2024)