April 19, 2024

The slimming minute of Valérie Orsoni: the little dej 'special good looking!

For a fresh and radiant complexion, nothing beats a diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants. So to start the week in beauty and find a baby skin we will start by stocking up on raw fruits and vegetables.

Special "good-looking" breakfasts for the next 7 days.
Day 1: 1 banana, 1 apple, 2 dried figs and 1 kiwi
Day 2: 1 pink grapefruit, 2 apricots and 1 bowl of red berries
Day 3: 1 Boost mango / strawberry and grapefruit
Day 4: 10 fresh almonds, 1 peach, a nice handful of strawberries and 2 dried figs
Day 5: 10 fresh nuts, 1 apple and 1 banana
Day 6: ½ avocado with a little fleur de sel, 1 apple, 2 dried figs
Day 7: 1 Boost kiwi / grape and pear Asian

With these little tips, you get a baby skin for the summer, a radiant and fresh complexion!

Almond Milk (April 2024)