December 1, 2021

The slimming minute of Valerie Orsoni: Attention to sodas lights

Beware of the composition of your favorite sodas, especially when they are "light" because they may contain aspartame! In the very serious "Journal of Neurology", I just went through a new study devoted to the risks associated with aspartame when exposed to heat.
Aspartame is what sugar substitute that can be found in many light dishes and soft drinks sold in France. When exposed to temperatures above 28 degrees Celsius, aspartame turns into methanol (a toxic form of alcohol) which itself is degraded.
This component is known to cause neurological problems. For many years, a large number of scientists have tried to get the message out to the general public, but it is difficult because aspartame remains one of the favorite products of the food industry.

In my program, I share with you the complete results of various studies on aspartame, and I even explain how, in 1986, this product was to be banned from the US but ... the policy won, and here is this substitute in more than 25 000 light dishes in the USA!

What if you still like the sensation of bubbles and the small taste more interesting to your taste buds than water? Drink sparkling water with natural flavors of fruits. Or better, put slices of lemons, strawberries and mint leaves in your water. Divine !

Bétisier (December 2021)