May 28, 2024

The slimming minute of Valerie Orsoni: long live the vintage!

The diet "crudiste" consists exclusively of raw products, of plant origin, excluding any source of animal products. No meat, no fish, no eggs or even dairy products. The "cooking" is done in the sun for hot and dry countries and in dehydrator for others.

Some doctors think that more fresh vegetables in ourfood can only do us good! Proponents of "crudism" warn against the dangers of cooking that destroys some of the vitamins and enzymes. Raw foods, on the other hand, keep intact their vitamins, but especially their precious enzymes, which facilitate digestion.

Others on the contrary raise a cry of alarm and explain that for a person not educated in nutrition, the risks of deficiencies in proteins, amino acids and iron can pose dangers to those who practice the 100% raw.

In any case, all the "crudists" that I have been able to meet show a hellish fishing, a baby skin and a slow aging process. Of course I prefer to remember that all this remains in the domain of "perceived". However, since eating more fruits, vegetables and seeds and nuts can not hurt us, as your coach choose the approach of the orange cut in two: we take a little to do good, but not too much, not to suffer from this decision to eat better.

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