May 13, 2021

The slimming secret of George Clooney

At 48, George Clooney Fantasies women, sometimes even very young women who crack on the smile of the beautiful George. While past 50 years, it becomes difficult for actresses to keep their sex symbol status, George does not seem to suffer from the weight of years. An injustice that would annoy Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer or Meg Ryan who run after eternal youth.

And if men have resorted to aesthetic medicine like their fellow actresses, the beautiful George Clooney assumes with aplomb his white hair and the wrinkles around the eyes. It must be said that to stay young, George has his little tricks: a fiancée much younger than him, single friends with whom to party in his sublime home Lake Como in Italy, but also little tricks, how to say. .. unsavory.

Asked by an English magazine about his youth secrets, George Clooney indeed explained "love drugs and alcohol". A real epicurean this George and also the king of the joke!

But it must be said that with this silhouette, George Clooney can make fun of his boyfriend Matt Damon who desperately wants to lose the 14 kilos for the purposes of a role. Too hard as an actor!

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