August 2, 2021

The slimming secret of Megan Fox

At 21 years old, Megan Fox has everything to annoy us: a dream body, a boyfriend crisp - Brian Austen Green - a promising career ... In short, what to annoy us seriously.

But like all Hollywood stars, Megan Fox has his little secret thinness, which is nothing glamorous. Every day, the beautiful walks with a bottle containing a drink made of water and vinegar, yuck!

According to the actress, this magic potion cleans the stomach of excesses of all kinds. Mouai, at, it is believed that the version: "I do not play sports, I eat what I want and with a little vinegar, I have a dream body" ... Worse, the acidity of vinegar is far from recommended in high doses.

Decidedly, our friends the people never miss out on odd ideas to keep the line ... Remember, however, that nothing beats a varied diet and the practice of a sport!


Megan Fox Reveals Her Post Baby Weight Loss Secret (August 2021)