April 20, 2024

The smoothie, what is it?

The smoothie is a drink prepared with fresh fruit, sometimes with vegetables, fruit juice, crushed ice and possibly yoghurt or milk. There are as many varieties of smoothie as there are gourmands. Full of vitamins, minerals and fruit virtues, they usually contain little sugar and are different from milkshakes because they do not contain ice cream.

A good way to consume 5 fruits and vegetables a day is to take at least two to three as a smoothie. As the products used are fresh and mixed mostly raw mashed, you get a maximum of benefits.

The equipment you need to be able to bring into play all types of fruits and vegetables, are a centrifuge, a blender and a citrus press.

Drink recipes for all tastes can be broken down according to seasonal fruits and the health objectives sought. Banana, strawberries, kiwis is a classic blend. A version of drink winter detox would be 1 apple, 2 kiwi, the juice of an orange. For version smoothies cocktail without alcohol, coconut milk or ginger can add a touch of exoticism. In winter, use frozen fruit that you put directly in the mixer. On the vegetable side, the peeled and mixed beef heart tomatoes, the carrots and the celery put in the centrifuge can bring all their nutritional riches.
Our advice:
To make your smoothies successful, it is advisable to limit to three different types of fruits or vegetables by drink.          

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