May 13, 2021

The sodomy in question

The most demanding men
According to women, men remain more demanding. They wonder about this practice which does not always seem to them "normal". Among these womensome have no desire to try and others express reluctance related to fear of pain or bleeding. The question of hygiene is also very important. "As I always tell my patients who dare to approach the subject, remarks the sexologist, the sodomy should never be practiced just to please or under the threat of the partner to go elsewhere. You have to feel the urge, to feel ready, otherwise the person may be stuck forever. " sodomy remains an act of love, it is important that the women do not feel denied as womenthat man does not adopt a domineering attitude and that he does not take it as an object.

The risks of this practice
"From the moment that both desire, if it happens in a pleasant context of sharing, both partners can enjoy it, although the anus is not an organ of enjoyment," says the specialist . As during vaginal penetration, the man can stimulate the clitoris of his companion. The anus is a very tight orifice, which is not made to be penetrated in this direction, so the man must do so gently at the risk of hurting his partner, to contract and make the act impossible.
Similarly, do not neglect the risks associated with this practice: pain, bleeding, anal fissures, hemorrhoids. The use of a lubricating gel is strongly recommended to facilitate penetration. Finally, it is best to use a condom if you go from one sodomy to vaginal penetration.

What can hide a request too frequent?
"It is true that if the man is very often plaintiff, observes the doctor Jacquemin-Le Vern, that can be disturbing for the women. She is then entitled to ask herself what she stands for as women in the eyes of his partner. The sodomy can quite hide a homosexuality that can not express itself with a man.
I insist that communication is very important in a couple when one or the other wants to try this experience. "

Lauren Daigle and the Homosexuality Question (May 2021)