November 28, 2022

The spa of Kaya Chalet Hotel: that it is organic!

The concept
In this hotel nestled in the resort of Les Menuires, the spa Kaya is a real cocoon offering an avalanche of original, natural and especially 100% care organic. It is home to the Clé des Champs brand, which offers products labeled Ecocert Cosmebio. The name of the treatments is imbued with this natural ambience: we find the gumming mask pumpkin fiber and horse chestnut extract, the gentle exfoliation with aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and honey, the winter massage with the scent of rose musky, the exfoliation of the hot haystack and the brand's signature treatment: aculifting. Massages (Thai, Swedish, Californian ...), facials and body, fitness to redraw the silhouette are lavished.
The place
This space dedicated to luxury, relaxation and well-being remains faithful to the decor of the hotel. He opted for mixing design with natural materials (wool, wood, linen, glass ...), sobriety in its pure state.
The speciality
The facelift by acupuncture, care of the "medi spa Is based on an ancestral method in the service of beauty. Acupuncture technique, it acts on the tonicity of the skin and the skins muscles of the face. The face regains tone, the skin is tight and wrinkles fade.
The spa at Kaya Chalet Hotel
Acupuncture lift
Rates: 45 min meeting at 139?
Such readers: 04 79 41 42 00

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