November 28, 2022

The street, worse than the jungle

After two nights spent at the police station, two days wandering the streets, in the cold, she finds herself, on the advice of a police officer, at the hospital St Antoine in Paris where are housed homeless for the night. She discovers that dozens of people are piling up to sleep. "When I saw this show, the court of miracles, I thought no, it was not me, I was not part of this world." In her misfortune, Brigitte has the chance to meet Tom. A boy little talkative and kind to him, not aggressive. He teaches him some rudiments of life in the street, is protective. Without him, she does not know what she would have become. "When we talk about the street, we can not imagine that it's like that, the street is worse than the jungle.In this hostile world, a woman is nothing at all, it's a prey ideal, an object.Tom protected me.But I think I was also respected because of my age.A woman over 40 years in this universe, it surprises.Many wondered what I was doing there, some m called "mom" ".

A Day at the Park (MILLION SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!) (November 2022)