November 28, 2022

The stylist of Lady Gaga says everything about her look

Waistcoat, bustier, panties ... Lady Gaga has forged a unique look, made of extravagant pieces and acid colors. At the origin of this look, we find Nicola Formichetti, stylist and friend of the star.

In the magazine The CutNicola Formichetti explains the circumstances of their meeting: "I did a photoshoot with her for the July issue of V magazine and she fell in love with some of the things I offered her, like the Orbite hat by Nasir Mazhar, I gave her her things since then. she has an entire team of stylists around her, she calls them the House of Gaga. "

On the Gaga style, he explains: "It must be something no one else has seen before, something a little ironic and outrageous, and maybe some people would really hate it." That's what I like about her - it's very similar to my job. "

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