October 25, 2021

The ten commandments of sport during pregnancy

1- If you were not exercising before pregnancy, this is not the time to choose an activity that will require a lot of effort and training, prefer simple disciplines such as walking or swimming.

2- You are pregnant and you want to stay in shape, prefer sports soft.

3- Privilege the security : First of all, consult your doctor or gynecologist to check that your practice sport favorite does not have a contraindication
4- Do not choose a sport where you risk falling, to receive blows or to lose balance. Too bad for skiing, horse riding, sports collective or diving. You will see that later.
5- Respect your rhythm and listen to yourself : Be careful not to overwork, especially during the first 3 months.

6- To reduce the risk of injury, stretch before and after each session.

7- Starting in the fourth month, focus on exercises while sitting, standing, or lying on your side
8- If you do not feel well during your session, especially stop. You will resume your activity later.
9- Drink a lot during and after the effort.
10- Make the sport accompanied, it's more motivating and more careful!

The 10 Commandments Sermon by Pastor Greg Laurie - Ten Commandments Greg Laurie Sermon (2018) (October 2021)