January 16, 2022

The ten worst advice we gave you about love

1. "Do not worry: one of lost, ten found! "
Surely the biggest scam of the century: any girl who has already been thrown like an old sock (ie 99% of us) knows that a lost is equal to lost. Because with our devastated mine, our greasy hair and our runny nose, we do not really attract men like magnets.

2. "If you want to seduce him, start by playing good girlfriends"
As it looks in business, it is a positioning error because it is very difficult then to get rid of this status. Good girlfriend we are, good girlfriend we stay ... In the eyes of the man who makes us fantasize, we will forever remain a being asexual, with whom he looks at football, drinks beer and rote in front of the TV. For the torrid side, you'll iron ...

3. "When a boy likes you, be cold and distant. Nothing like it to drive him crazy! "
To forget because while we play girls-ice cubes, the Man will see elsewhere if we are there. And goes back to the arms of a girl less sexy than us but who discovered, meanwhile, the magnetic power of the smile ...

4. "Hang on, he only needs to think"
No, he does not need to think. He does not love us anymore, or even never loved us. So, we can wait one, five or ten years, it will not change the situation. So, try to move quickly to something else.

5. "Give him a child in the back, he will not be able to leave you! "
The technique, particularly underhand, does not work on any boy or almost. Because not only that will not prevent him from dropping you but he may want to scratch you permanently in his life. At best, you will find yourself in court when you have assigned it for paternity research ...

6. "Trompe it, so you'll be able to realize if you're in love or not"
There are less twisted ways to take stock of what one experiences. For example to live with him? Because even if your little incarnation allows you to realize that Paul is the man of your life, it is very likely that, if he gets wind of this stroke of the penknife, you say bye-bye forever.

7. "Take a break, just to see if you hold to each other ..."
To have tested, we are not unaware that the breaks have an unfortunate tendency to turn into permanent breaks. So, we forget on the spot this proposal ...

8. "If you want to know if he's unfaithful, search his phone"
We avoid, first of all because it is not fair play and we would hate to do the same with ours. Then, because if there is something to learn, as much as it is from his mouth rather through his smartphone.

9. "In love, nothing beats a bad boy »
And the nice boys, then, you would not want to try? They also know how to take care of our body, but without leaving our heart loose.

10. "Let it go ... Men are all bastards"
Usually given by a mom or a girlfriend about to finalize his third divorce, the advice tends to bias your gaze on the male ... While it is not because we have not yet drawn the good number that it will not happen very soon!


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