August 4, 2020

The treatment of the day: Sabon Dead Sea Salt Scrub

New Yorkers are crazy and the French will soon be too, because this scrub is a flagship beauty product this season! The brand Sabon (pronounced Sabonne) arrived in France last month with a first shop at 32 rue des Rosiers in Paris.

Since its creation in 1997, the brand from Israel is present throughout the world through 90 shops. The pretty Parisian boutique has a Jerusalem stone fountain that allows you to test the products: scrubs, moisturizing creams, lotions, bath care ...

These refined and retro chic packaging treatments will seduce you with their beneficial properties. The ingredient of success: the Dead Sea mineral salts, with relaxing, moisturizing and healing properties. We love the exotic and intoxicating scents of these body care and face, presented in luxurious bottles at reasonable prices!

The scrub Sabon is our favorite of the day: coconut fig, rose tea ... the delicious perfumes intoxicate us and make the shower privileged. Goodbye crocodile skin, long live the body defect!

Scrub Sabon: Pot of 250g: 22 euros - 500g: 29 euros
I go !
32, rue des Rosiers
Paris 4
Tel: 01 44 61 45 96

Sabon Body Scrub (August 2020)