April 1, 2020

The two volumes of the BD XIII are placed in the best sales online

Volume 18, The Irish version, is in 1st place on the site Amazon.fr and in 3rd place on the site Fnac.com. Volume 19, The last round, is in second place on the Fnac and Amazon sites.

Note that on the occasion of the release of these two albums each 500,000 copies, the 17 games of the saga should be reissued as a box.

This series, bestseller for 10 years, owes its success to its screenwriter since 1984, Jean Van Hamme. The 17 volumes of XIII have passed more than 10 million copies.

The year XIII will continue with a film planned for 2008 and a project for television. This initiative, produced by Cipango, is beginning to take shape.

The shooting of the series XIII on television is expected to begin November 15 in the United States. Big names are announced in the credits and the realization. Among them: Peter Lenkov (24 hours, The Experts) to production and Duane Clark (The Experts, Meadowlands) to the realization. The casting should count on the presence of Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff (World Trade Center, Blade). Two 90 minute TV movies will be shot for Canal, M6 and the RTL group in Belgium.

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