December 3, 2020

The unusual gift: the health book of lovers

She is allergic to her cat, he to her mother-in-law: a diagnosis is needed. From love at first sight to the life of two to the fateful ordeal of the first weekend shared, this notebook, a devious version of the traditional health book, invites lover to take stock of their relationship while having fun.

Fantasies, jealousy or face-to-face with step-parents, all the highlights of couple are husked with humor. Each partner can complete his family tree and reveal to his half a crisp family history. Your evening of Valentine's Day will be hilarious and full of surprises.

Throughout the pages, games and exams make it possible to scrupulously record small manias, drops of the libido or dubious hygiene which are likely to alter the good health of the couple... The ultimate prescription for love to last forever: prevention is better than cure!