October 5, 2022

The Wave Cardio

The principle
This cardio-training device allows a complete muscular and cardiovascular work. You will find the sensations of sliding of the roller and the ski with lateral displacements (the skater's step). Ideal for strengthening the upper thighs and the abdominal strap, it is imperative to properly tummy. As the course progresses, the intensity increases.
Our opinion
"If you want thighs and buttocks of goddess, that's the sport you need. In five minutes, I already had the lower body that "exploded" and lost three liters of water (test made during the heat wave - we will stop at nothing at GirlsFromMainStreet!). After apprehending this fairly technical machine - be careful, do not climb on it without explanation - and found the right pace, it's easy but very exhausting. According to the coach, for two sessions of 30 minutes per week, for three months, we must see conclusive results. "
T-shirt, underpants and tennis.
Duration of the course
Sessions of 10 to 30 minutes.
Where to practice?
In the clubs of sports - Inquire with those in your city.

Cardio Wave Video (October 2022)