August 3, 2021

The winter make-up colors: Guerlain's sunset rose

The style

Olivier Echaudemaison, the make-up creator of the house Guerlain, sets the tone of his new collection: "Ce are the Slavic origins of our muse that inspired me. Its fragile beauty reflects the Slavic soul of immense Russia. "

One can imagine then the beauty of the Caucasian relief, its coldness, its ardor, hidden under a thick fog which dissipates as one approaches. Playing on vaporous materials and colors, we find this captivating charm: this subtle blend of romance and character represented by the softness of a rosewood and the flamboyance of a purple halo. The icy veil finally reveals this raw and fragile beauty. Colors that touch without imposing themselves. A caress, a bellows, everything is played on the simplicity of an ample gesture.

The colors, here, remain in the same tone from pink to taupe through a tender purple. Thus, we do not overload the eye and we put on a complexion of doll, this famous soft pink deposited at the top of the cheekbones, more readily in liquid blush to keep a natural glow, as if coming out of a cool walk. The eyes are tinged with a purple halo which does not exceed the hollow of the eyelid but which extends rather on the extremities to give a velvety intensity.

The lower eyelid is underlined with a flat brush without touching the white of the eye to create this sprinkled effect. Finally, the mouth is melting with a lipstick that also acts as a balm. This is the new KissKiss, a treatment enriched with wild mango butter and loofah oil to face the cold wave with the look of an ice princess.

We love : the hues of a "faux nude", completely accessible in daytime makeup, which play with color with great discretion.
The flagship products:

  • Shiny shadows 4 colors Tsarina
  • Russian Doll Liquid Blush
  • KissKiss Baby Rosy Nude

The Fab 5, Vol. 8: Chanel Makeup (August 2021)