October 22, 2021

These hay fever that make spring

And go again ! Like last year and all the previous ones, at the time of the beautiful days, your nose scratches, your bottom of throat too and your eyes sting. No doubt about it: the hay fever is back! What tickle your mood and limit your outdoor picnic motivations. You are not alone in this case ... Millions of French people apprehend every year the return of allergies
Allergies do not just spring!
It is at this season that leaves, flowers and plants grow back and out of their hibernation. Pollen and grasses come back strong and air pollution is more affected by rising temperatures, often leading to respiratory problems. The most critical period is between April and July, but starts earlier in the southern regions where the climate is warmer. Too bad luck: with global warming, we are not at the end of our sentences because pollen (especially those of hazel and birch) can appear even earlier, around February or March.
Seals or desensitization?
Before opting for any treatment, it is necessary to go to an allergist who will perform on you skin tests that are done directly in the office. The doctor then applies a series of patches containing the substance that can cause the allergies and let them rest for a few hours. There are also epidermal tests consisting of introducing by a slight bite the persons responsible for theallergy, one by one, and wait for the appearance of a papule proving the existence of theallergy. Be careful, it's scratching! Depending on the number of reactions to different allergens, the doctor will advise you the type of treatment to follow.
You will be able to treat these rhinitis allergic drug, with antihistamines or corticosteroids deemed insufficient by several doctors. About 40% of patients do not follow treatment regularly, which prevents improvements. As for desensitization (also called specific immunotherapy), it remains long and laborious and patients are still reluctant to get started. Count between 3 and 5 years for a clear improvement. The good news is that desensitization treatments should be available soon as tablets (first for grasses, then mites, birch and ragweed). Unfortunately, there is no miraculous solution allowing the total disappearance of theallergy.
Some tips
Spring is certainly the critical moment for allergies ... but also that of the cleaning! Too clean and bet on a clean apartment is not the solution. Living in an environment that is too closed, sanitized, is not good for your health. The key word: ventilation! Certainly, the place of life must be clean but not excessively. Beware of fresh paint odors that accentuate allergic hazards and furniture that often releases formaldehyde that can cause allergy. The air must constantly be renewed, circulate well in the rooms, even in winter. It must evacuate as much as possible the smell of the new.
In case of'allergy to mites, opt for an anti-mite cover, regularly treat bedding and curtains with suitable products, avoid the carpet and often wash the soft toys of the children. On a daily basis, wash your nose with seawater-based solutions to remove impurities (Fluimer Zambon laboratories, Stérimar) or use a carafe for nasal hygiene filling it with warm salt water (Rhino Horn, in pharmacy). In case of'allergy with cat or rabbit hair, the solution: to separate from animals! A solution certainly radical but that will avoid possible acute crises.
They suffer ... They advise us!
Mathilde, 26 years old
"To relieve myself, I use essential oils, I supplement with trace elements, plants or even homeopathy.As I did not really know the properties of essential oils, I went to find out from an aromatherapist who Guided me, I find the smell pleasant, which does not spoil anything! "
Aurélie, 32 years old
"Being pregnant, I adopted herbal medicine, I use plantain during a severe crisis, half a teaspoon every hour until improvement.I also very often wash my nose, morning and evening, to eliminate impurities and any dust.It relieves me and clears my nose. "

Malika, 35 years old
"I suffer from sinusitis, there are times when I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown because I really can not breathe! Seizures are intense at night, at bedtime, or even at night. I tried everything: washes , antihistamines ... Only acupuncture helped me! Two sessions were enough to clear the sinuses.Now, I warn of hay fever by doing a session from the arrival of spring and others during the period of Pollination I live again and in addition, I gain energy! "

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