June 10, 2023

These parents who push their children too much: "You'll be a genius, my son"

No dunce at home, it's out of the question! And for that, all means are good, even if it is necessary to be self-persuaded that his child is precocious. Of course, every parent is proud when he finds out that his child speaks better than his classmates, that he is a little early in reading or that he shows school facilities.

A touch of pride, yes, a little relief, why not. But from there to insist that he skips classes, make him pass tests at all goes while the teacher does not encourage him ... A tip: keep your feet on the ground, do not impose stressful situations it will help your cherub grow peacefully.

Well in his head ...

Of course, you want the best for your child: good studies, good friends, a thorough general culture, a busy head. But for that, sometimes you have to let him make his own choices and go at his own pace. Your daughter is good in foreign languages ​​but not excellent? At twelve, it may not be necessary to send him to spend a month abroad. Your son shows little difficulties in math? One or two hours of private lessons per week may be enough, he does not need to spend all his weekends with Pythagoras ... Your child drags his feet while going to his violin lessons? And if you offered him the guitar, less classic of course, but also less boring?

Good in his sneakers!

Even if your child does not always make the choices you want, let him build and flourish with his own passions. The sportit may not be very intellectual, but it allows him to stay in shape and socialize. Same for the music, exits, video games, television: in small doses, it can not hurt him. By pushing their children too much, some parents get the opposite of what they expected: a frustrated child, in pain and looking for a way out. The best way to guide them is to show them the direction to take but to let them go free. Finally, it is better to have a child in his skin than a little tortured genius!

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