December 9, 2019

They all have a lover!

"Stay faithful ... to your desires", announces the website, created in December 2009, created the scandal because it was accused of advocating easy adultery.Gleeden is indeed reserved for married women and men wishing to slummer without their spouse ... Infidelity ? Small discreet pleasure? In any case lovers are popular since over a year, more than 200 000 women have registered and 91% of them are married!

Some single women, who have the fantasy and the desire to "attend" a married man, also register on Gleeden, they are 9%. As for others, 11% seek a homosexual or bisexual relationship. And for a third of all women, the meet is done after 10 days, beware it does not megaze!

Be reassured ladies, the Ipsos / Gleeden survey found that 62% of men say they are ready to forgiveinfidelity their dear and tender, but 35% under certain conditions!

Ricky Skaggs - You've Got A Lover (December 2019).