February 29, 2024

They sacrifice their hair to shoot movies

Whether for personal or professional reasons, the people decided to visit their hairdresser. At the express request of director Tom Hooper, Anne Hathaway truncated her long brown mane for an extra short cut. The actress has indeed had to shave her skull for the needs of the film Wretched in which she embodies the person of Fantine. Like his mind, it's also Rooney Mara who has to give up his long hair for professional reasons. In 2011, the director David Fischer offers him the role of Lisbeth Salander in Millennium. Accepting this offer was certainly a springboard for the actress, but it was also a big hair sacrifice.

And Charlize Theron?

Headbutt? Professional obligation? What happens to the beautiful South African? Well for the needs of the film Mad Max VIepisode 4 Charlize Theron agreed to shave his skull. The head covered with a hat, the actress does indeed stop making the buzz on the internet.
Note that the shooting of the film Mad Max VI, episode 4, directed by Georges Miller, will begin in early July.

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