December 1, 2021

This summer, discover and dare salted sorbets!

For our greatest pleasure, sorbets are no longer confined to dessert. They gradually invade our menus from the starter to the dish, with ever more surprising flavors. The basic apparatus is the same as for sweet sorbets: water, sugar. This mixture must be reduced to obtain a sugar syrup in which you can infuse herbs and spices according to the taste of the chosen sorbet. After you mix what you want and, if you do not have an ice cream maker, you place the preparation in freezing for a good two hours mixing from time to time.
Crazy tastes!
With your little salad of arugula or young shoots, why not serve a ball of tomato-mozza? With your vegetablesMix the warm cold and the colors: a ball of carrot sorbet and a ball of beet sorbet will light green beans and salads of dough or quinoa. With the meat dishes, make a small sorbet Roquefort or goat, it will be amazing. And to accompany the pies and quiches vegetables of the sun, nothing is better than a little pepper sorbet. Want to grilled shrimp? Arrange them on a avocado sorbet! As you can see, everything is possible and so easy to do.
Salted sorbet for dessert
For palates that prefer to finish the meal on a salty rather than sweet note, you will be served with the sorbet! The most fashionable perfumes: olive oil, lemon-basil, lemon-thyme. It's refreshing and we want more. After, let your imagination run for new associations that are high in taste and color.

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