October 5, 2022

Three questions to Eymèle Burgaud

How did you become creative of your own clothing line?
I have always been interested in fashion. As a child, I cut silhouettes in magazines. I studied communication and then worked in textile marketing in Singapore and at LVMH. After the birth of my daughter and at the age of thirty, I told myself that the moment had come to dare to realize my dream. I resumed studies at ESMOD. I had a clear idea of ​​what I wanted to do: build my company and exploit my brand.

How do you define your style?
One could speak of "lightness tinged with strangeness". I have a universe of soft and nuanced colors. And I'm a fan of white. I work a lot on the details and I am attached to the choice of subjects: I want them with a natural side but very worked. I like when there is roughness. I do not create a strict silhouette. My clothing are made to be worn nonchalantly and informally. I also work a lot on the overlays, the elements to button / unbutton. This allows women to appropriate the clothing.

Let's go back to your 2005-2006 winter collection ...
My creative process is always narrative with a story in my head. For this winter, it's a story of dolls. I did a great cleaning in my daughter's room and an image came to me: in the rooms of little girls, there are always dolls in the corners. So, I thought of the rag doll, the Russian doll - nested volumes, pants with a high and low waist at a time - the virtual, the disarticulated ...
For me, they are a metaphor for what may be femininity today. They represent the different faces of women.

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