April 1, 2020

Tips and tricks for traveling by plane

- Before taking the plane take a light snack and take with you what to nibble in case of craving. The wait is sometimes long before the meal.

- In flight, avoid taking soft drinks and chewing gum. Both cause bloating.

- If you have fragile ears, make sure everything is fine before you leave. In case of pain in the plane, contact the train crew.

- Drink plenty of water (one liter for five hours of flight).

- Coffee is not recommended, mainly for people who are afraid by plane. It is a stimulant and therefore enhances anxiety.

- Put on comfortable clothes and shoes. Prefer canvas pants to jeans. Do not put a belt that compresses your stomach and blocks venous return.
Always have a sweater, air conditioning is sometimes sneaky.

- If you have problems with blood circulation - doctors advise even everyone - do not hesitate to wear compression socks, very effective not to end up with legs that look like poles to the landing.

- Avoid crossing your legs, get up and walk regularly during the flight.

- A light makeup will suffice. Remember to take in your hand luggage, wipes, a
minispray to refresh yourself, even small samples of moisturizer and a hand cream. The new regulations prohibit tubes and other vials of more than 100 ml anyway.

- If you are traveling with a baby, consider booking a cradle with the airline. Do not cover it too much and make it drink a lot. On the descent, give him a bottle so that he does not feel any discomfort in the ENT sphere. Even if some companies have adapted meals, it is not useless to foresee their usual little pots.

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