December 10, 2023

Tips and tricks to feel good about yourself

Find a good rhythm of sleep. All summer, we went to bed late, we spent the morning mornings and sometimes even gave in to the nap call. Result, when we come back from vacation, our pace of sleep is totally out of phase. You have to relearn how to sleep early to get enough rest time since you get up early too. Our tips to help you fall asleep:
  • - Go to bed every night at the same time. Waking up at the same time every day can also help. You have to find your own rhythm sleep.
  • - Do not go to bed if you have not yet sleep. But if you start to feel tired, go to bed right away and not fight or you risk missing the boat.
  • - Light dinner and do not eat just before going to bed. Difficult digestion can slow down sleep.
  • - Regular exercise is quite beneficial but not just before going to bed.
  • - Do not use your computer. This light source will keep the brain awake. In fact, it is better to avoid any visual, auditory or intellectual stimulation.
  • - Ventilate the room before going to bed.
Practice relaxation. It allows to empty the mind, to fight the stress and let go. There are several techniques developed by specialists and to practice in group or individual sessions. You can also do some basic exercises at home. In a quiet room, in a semi darkness, one settles in a sitting position.
- We focus on his breathing. We inhale and breathe slowly while imagining the path of air in our body. We thus reserve five minutes a day to evacuate the stress of the day.
- You can also focus on your muscles. We contract and relax the muscles between 10 and 20 seconds, one after the other, from head to toe. This helps fight muscle tension.
- Visualize a color that you like or a place you would like to be, synonymous with well-being. Then replace all your dark thoughts with this positive thought.

Tony Robbins Tips On Changing The Way You Feel (December 2023)